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Certification by Royhle Flight Training Academy , a professional aviation school offering high quality pilot training for private, commercial, instrument flight and multi engine operations

Course Duration

11 months. Providing personalized service and continuous monitoring of our students’ progress in every theoretical and practical aspect of flight.


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Training Location

Located in the scenic locales of Dumaguete City, the city of gentle people, With astounding views of the mountains and the sea

Rohyle Dumaguete

Why Rohyle & Dumaguete

Royhle Flight Training Academy has friendly, experienced professional instructors, who are committed to safety & quality.

Royal Provides softs skills and leadership training also to the students which is an additional advantage for the students to join any international airlines. As Aeroplane is the only mode of transportation, the opportunities of getting jobs in Philippines are very high. In Dumaguete you literally own the sky, as the city has a big airport and run way and the no: of flying schools are very less. Dumaguete is a geographically ideal location and has no Tycoon or any other natural calamities and weather is always appropriate and pleasant for flying. As Dumaguete is a tourist destination, it is a very foreign friendly place and the law and order is always in tact.They respect and give a lot of importance to expatriates.

Minimum requirement for enrolling

To realize your dream of flying, you will have to meet the criteria set by respected Civil Aviation Authority, as license requirement vary with each country.

Age should be at least 16 years old. Must be medically fit (You should be able to pass the medical exams conducted by the CAAP which is a class 2 medical. Students with corrective lens/glasses are accepted). Must be able to read, write and speak English (CAAP will conduct English language proficiency examination for the issuance of any pilot license)

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Why Technovalley

Technovalley is the only authorized official partner of Royhle Flight Training Academy in South India.

You will be guaranteed 5 extra hours of flying if the enrollments are taken through Technovalley. Technovalley takes care of all your documentation and paperwork and makes your joining formality and process much simpler.

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